COVID-19 & Climate

The Coronavirus Is a Preview of Our Climate-Change Future

The virus is a terrifying harbinger of future pandemics that will be brought about if climate change continues to so deeply destabilize the natural world: scrambling ecosystems, collapsing habitats, rewiring wildlife, and rewriting the rules that have governed all life on this planet for all of human history.

Coronavirus, Climate Change, and the Environment

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Covid-19, climate change and the future

Madhukar Upadhaya, the writer of this piece has been a watershed expert for many years and is a retired government

कोरोनापछिको पृथ्वी : सम्मान अब वातावरणलाई

कोरोनापछिको पृथ्वी : सम्मान अब वातावरणलाई